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Start Connecting Today!

(AISN) Arise Israel Social Network is a community that connects us in many different ways. What makes us different from other social networks is our commitment to the Black/Israelite Community. Our true heritage is being revealed every day and as we wake up, we need the support of one another. That is what (AISN) is all about, showing love and support for our nation through out the diaspora.

*More to come

We're still adding amazing features to (AISN), so join and help us spread the word about (AISN) by inviting family and friends to join us.


Israelite Voices

Watch videos from brothers and sisters on social media that plead the cause of our people. From police brutality to today's political climate, these voices scream for unity and an end to the oppression of our people and communities. So, watch, support and comment on the things that affect our community.

Sabbath Classes

Get biblical understanding. Learn who you are in the scriptures. Understand the bible for the first time. So, watch and share your comments while learning scripture on another level.

Israelite Camps

We share some of the most amazing interactions our brothers face preaching biblical prophesies, judgement and laws. Go with them on the highways and byways as they preach the true gospel to the world. Watch and share your comments with our community and pray always for them that do this work.